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European Design

MX9 Electric bike was Designed in Europe, it was born from the ‘pencil’ of designer Marcello Silva, Design Director, and creator of the style of some of the most fascinating electric bike of recent years, who was able to fully interpret the company’s vision.

Mx9 Electric bike


Your habits, your passions, your work, your motorbike.

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Intelligence  Performance  Safety

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MXMOTO is a cutting-edge electric bike manufacturing company aims to quickly establish itself as a pioneer in the world of performance electric bikes. With a relentless commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and a passion for speed, MXMOTO will become a go-to brand for riders seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures on two wheelers.


The MX9 electric bike, proudly developed in India, features a revolutionary 17-inch Large Wheel and High-Performance Motor: Unleashing Incredible Power, Quickness, and Efficiency. Proudly developed in India, our cutting-edge motor delivers an impressive output with swift acceleration, supported by the robust torque of the C35 magnet separations. With a remarkable climbing angle, it combines energy-saving features and high efficiency, redefining the standards of performance.


Motor torque


BLDC Hub Motor


Rated RPM


Conversion efficiency

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60AMP High Efficiency with Regenerative Braking

Increase input power by 16%. Stimulates higher performance of the driving system. Smoother and faster acceleration performance.

Unleashing the Potential of High-Performance Controllers. the MX9 Electric bike features a 60 AMP high-efficiency controller, equipped with regenerative braking, redefines the standards of power and efficiency. With an impressive 16% increase in output power, it stimulates the driving system to achieve higher levels of performance. Experience smoother and faster acceleration, as our advanced controller takes your electric bike ride to new heights.


 The Versatility of Adjustable Rear Suspension. Embrace the innovation of our adjustable racing motorcycle type central shock absorber, surpassing traditional bilateral suspension systems. By maintaining the vehicle’s gravity at the center during turns, it enhances flexibility and provides a heightened sense of balance. Experience the assurance of a sporty performance as our adjustable rear suspension elevates your electric bike riding experience to new levels of control and precision


HIGHLY Resistant Steel

Chassis Crafted from Highly Resistant Steel. The MX9 electric bike showcases exceptional quality not only in its electrical components but also in its mechanical parts. At the core lies a unique mechanical construction, starting with a chassis designed based on the racing motorcycle’s split frame concept. Crafted from highly resistant steel, our chassis ensures unparalleled strength and durability, reflecting our commitment to delivering a superior riding experience.

MX9 HIGHLY Resistant Steel


MXMOTO’s Unyielding Commitment to Rider Well being with MX9 Electric Bike. MXMOTO is celebrated not only for its high performance electric bikes but also for its unwavering dedication to rider safety. With a robust focus on advanced safety features, rigorous testing, and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, MXMOTO places the well-being of riders at the forefront. By creating a secure riding experience, MXMOTO ensures that enthusiasts, including those riding the MX9 electric bike, can embark on their adrenaline-fueled adventures with peace of mind. Join us as we delve into MXMOTO’s profound commitment to safety and the measures taken to prioritize rider security.

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Safest Battery Technology

 LifePO4 Battery Technology, the Epitome of Safety for Electric Bike Battery. LifePO4 batteries boast the highest level of safety in electric bike battery technology, enabling them to store a remarkable amount of energy in proportion to their size and weight. This advancement empowers electric bike with extended range and prolonged riding times, rendering them highly practical for daily commuting and longer journeys. Join us as we explore the remarkable safety features and benefits that LifePO4 batteries bring to the forefront of electric bike technology.

electric bike LED_LIGHT


Dynamic LED Headlight for Unmatched Visibility. The Mx9 electric bike dynamic LED headlight from MXMOTO is designed to adapt to all road conditions, providing exceptional illumination both day and night. With high brightness, wide angles, and precise light distribution, it ensures maximum safety for riders. Whether navigating through dark stretches or facing challenging terrains, the dynamic LED headlight illuminates the path ahead, offering unrivaled visibility and enhancing the overall riding experience.

Adaptive Lighting
Auto On / Off
Daytime Running
Variable Light Intensity
Mx 9 Dual Disc Brakes System

Dual Disc Brakes System

Dual Disc Brakes System for Enhanced Braking Performance. The MX9 Electric  bike is outfitted with a cutting-edge dual disc brakes system, featuring a disc brake on both the front and rear wheels. This setup ensures a balanced distribution of braking power, delivering consistent and reliable performance when you need it most. With improved braking efficiency and enhanced control, riders can confidently navigate any terrain or situation, experiencing heightened safety and peace of mind on their MX9 Electric bike adventure.


Illuminating Intentions: LED Direction Indicators Engineered with Ultrasonic Continuous Welding Technology. MXMOTO’s LED direction indicators are crafted using state-of-the-art ultrasonic continuous welding technology, meeting the stringent standards set by the European Union. These indicators are not only waterproof and moisture-proof but also guarantee high light penetration, ensuring clear visibility in all weather conditions. With their advanced construction, MXMOTO’s LED direction indicators provide riders with reliable and stylish signaling, enhancing safety and adding a touch of sophistication to every ride.



Elevating Intelligence in Performance Electric Bikes.

Embark on a journey into MXMOTO’s realm of intelligence, where innovation and technology converge to redefine the landscape of performance bikes. In this exploration, we will uncover MXMOTO’s distinct vision for intelligence and how it propels them to stand out in the world of exhilarating two-wheelers. From intelligent features to intuitive systems, join us as we unravel the compelling story behind MXMOTO’s commitment to elevating intelligence and redefining what it means to ride with unrivaled precision and exhilaration


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Experience the next level of motorcycle connectivity with the MXMOTO Smart App, a groundbreaking mobile application meticulously crafted for motorcycle enthusiasts like you. Seamlessly connecting you to your bike, this innovative app revolutionizes your riding experience. Through its intuitive features and user-friendly interface, the MXMOTO Smart App optimizes your motorcycle’s battery performance, provides real-time monitoring, and elevates every moment on the road. Whether you’re a casual rider or a passionate motorcyclist, the MXMOTO Smart App is the ultimate companion for maintaining and maximizing your motorcycle’s power, keeping you connected everywhere you go.

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Cruise Control

Discover the unparalleled comfort offered by cruise control on electric motorbikes, as it transforms your riding experience. Designed to enhance comfort on extended trips, cruise control reduces rider fatigue and promotes a smoother journey. However, it is essential for riders to remain vigilant and prepared to intervene, as unforeseen road conditions or hazards may demand manual control. Join us as we explore how cruise control empowers riders with unmatched comfort, making those long rides a truly enjoyable and memorable experience while emphasizing the importance of rider awareness and safety.

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Reverse Assist

Introducing the revolutionary Bike Reverse Assist, a purpose-built mechanism or device engineered to empower bikers with seamless reverse maneuverability. This groundbreaking technology is specifically designed to alleviate the challenges of navigating tight spaces and effortlessly parking bikes. With its intuitive operation, riders can confidently navigate various environments, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience. Join us as we delve into the world of Bike Reverse Assist, unlocking a new level of convenience and versatility for bikers seeking effortless maneuverability in any situation."

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Anti Skid / Hill Assist

Discover the remarkable Anti Skid / Hill Assist feature, also known as hill start assist or hill hold control, designed to revolutionize your riding experience on inclines. This innovative system provides invaluable assistance to riders when starting or stopping on uphill or downhill slopes. By preventing the motorcycle from rolling backward or forward during the transition between brakes and throttle, it instills confidence and stability in riders. As the system detects the inclination, it automatically holds the brakes for a few seconds after the rider releases them, allowing a smooth application of throttle and forward movement without the risk of rolling back. Whether you're new to riding or frequently encounter hilly terrains, Anti Skid / Hill Assist significantly reduces the chances of stalling or losing control, empowering you with enhanced control and peace of mind.

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Park Assist

Experience the elevated intelligence of Park Assist, a game-changing feature that empowers your MXMOTO bike with unparalleled assistance. Activating the park assist mode sets the stage for confident navigation, making it the primary mode of operation. With its implementation, a heightened sense of confidence is instilled, working to prevent accidents and ensuring a safer riding experience. Transitioning seamlessly from park assist mode to ride mode initiates movement, offering a smooth and effortless transition. This intelligent feature empowers you to ride with ease, unlocking a new level of convenience and control as you embark on your MXMOTO adventures.